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Bearing Industry Trends Analysis 2016

Release Date:2016-04-13 00:00:00

Bearing industry trends do? It is reported that China bearing 65 years, from the production specifications of the few agricultural bearings, to develop the production of industrial and military use of sophisticated bearing, from the annual output of 800,000 sets to the current annual output of 2.8 billion units, a 350-fold increase in five decades , accounting for 10% of the world's annual production of bearings are listed in Japan's fourth largest country, the United States, Germany and beyond. 2002 international sales market bearing $ 30 billion, of which China is $ 3 billion (about 25 billion RMB), accounting for 10%.

2016 bearing industry development trend analysis as follows:

Since the reform and opening up, especially after 92 years, China's bearing industry in which the external macro-environment is very favorable, industry have greater room for development, natural gas, electric power, water diversion, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo World-class product support key projects bearing bearing demand will inevitably bring about market share has rapidly increased.

About an increase of about 8%, the US anti-dumping, China's exports will be curbed bearing, key industries, key products will appear strong trend, demand for key projects, host support and maintenance of products focused on the conversion to value-added products. Demand for larger vehicles, motorcycles bearing series, such as wheel bearings, clutch release bearings, gearbox bearings, engine bearings, in addition, there is air-conditioning compressor bearings, shaft bearings even pump, high-tech, high reliability railway machines, bus and truck bearings, large rolling bearings, construction machinery bearings, high-precision, low noise, sealed bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, motor bearings, computer hardware and software drive bearing; agricultural machinery bearings, three and four-wheel farm vehicles bearing Wait.


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