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Introduction bearing applications in various industries

Release Date:2016-04-13 00:00:00

In theory, the role of transmission can not be achieved, not only that, bearing also affect the transmission, in order to reduce the impact on the high speed shaft bearings must achieve good lubrication, and some have been lubricated bearing itself, called pre-lubricated bearings, and most of the bearing lubricant, responsible for high-speed operation, due to the friction will not only increase energy consumption, even more frightening it is very easy to damage the bearings.

The sliding friction into rolling friction is one-sided, because the kind of stuff is called plain bearings.

Bearing role in the industry:

First, smelters, mines, steel plant machinery and equipment endurance pressure rolling bearings.

Second, power plants, gas turbines, electrical power equipment factory demanding bearings. Such devices are mostly continuous operation, bearing load large assembly and disassembly trouble, inconvenience replacement, it requires very stable bearing quality, wear pressure. Manufacturers generally use more imports, such as the Swedish SKF Bearings, FAG Bearing Germany, Japan NSK Bearings, KOYO bearings and other brands of imported bearings

Third, printing, packaging machinery, food machinery, bearings and spherical bearings extraordinary.

Fourth, plastics, chemical fiber machinery, stretch film, high temperature bearings and bearing extraordinary. With the development of technology, such machinery and equipment continue to improve, change with each passing day; some foreign, domestic and soon there, and its bearings are also equipped with the innovation. Dongguan TR Multi-belt section and an outer Nam Taiwan FS brand spherical bearings, easy installation, beautiful, easy to replace, favored by the users. Host some important parts imported bearings. Meanwhile, the joint bearing, one-way bearings, guide bearings, needle roller bearings, BOPP, PVC stretch film equipment drying oven temperature bearings.

Fifth, toys, watches, electronics, audio-visual equipment fine axis zero.

Sixth, textiles, dyeing, footwear, tobacco machinery selection of bearings. Such bearings are small and efficient and durable, requiring high speed, minimal noise, non-power of plants can not be manufactured. Because of its strong special equipment, various designs, the use of bearings are not the same, generally can not get ready cash, and sometimes not easy to find (only a frequent traveler to the customer only understand it, to prepare for emergency), it is recommended that the user is best We do use a prepared one, avoid downtime to be parts, affecting production.

Seven, beer, beverage equipment, pharmaceutical equipment selection of bearings.

Eight, broken, ceramic machinery, chemical machinery selection of bearings. Such equipment is poor work environment, more than a mist, moisture, dust, acid, etc., requires a strong bearing seal, grease Shantou adequate and reasonable, it is best to add grease timely

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