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Domestic high-end bearing industrial base has been transformed into a substantive stage

Release Date:2016-04-13 00:00:00

Recently, the construction of the bearing industry base agreement signing ceremony was held in Harbin, this ritual is China Aviation Industry Corporation and Harbin municipal government together with brewing for nearly three years, and the formal establishment of AVIC Harbin Bearing Co., Ltd. The move marks the end bearing industrial base strategy to enter into a substantive stage.

The newly formed AVIC Kazakhstan axis AVIC subsidiary of AVIC Dongan, the aircraft industry into Science and Technology, China Aviation Industry dawn and AVIC West Airlines four companies and Harbin Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. joint venture way into legislation. The company covers an area of 350,000 square meters, with a total investment of not less than 10 billion yuan, mainly engaged in aerospace bearings, railway bearings, high precision bearings, large wind bearing high precision bearing design, development, production, maintenance, marketing and service and other services; and engaged in research, development, production, sales, service and other derivative products bearing technology business.

Since 2007, AVIC departure from the long-term strategy, decided to enter the field of development and manufacturing of aerospace bearings. After full feasibility studies and research, AVIC Harbin City decided to implement a strategic cooperation to build a domestic first-class level and international competitiveness of the high-end bearings Development company AVIC Kazakhstan axis based, radiation and driven around enterprise development, construction bearing industry base. October 2009, China Aviation Industry and the Harbin municipal government signed the "on the construction of the bearing industry base cooperation framework agreement"; December 2009, AVIC established a Preparatory Committee for the joint venture, the two sides reached consensus on a joint action plan, the formation of a viable Research report. March 2010 completed all preparatory work for the project feasibility study, design, and construction of the new company registration, etc., after the signing of the cooperation agreement, the construction of the joint venture project will be officially launched. Based on the principles of cooperation the two sides, bigger and stronger bearing industry, in accordance with the overall plan, step by step implementation of the integrated approach, which first invested in the aircraft industry consolidation Kazakhstan axis aerospace bearings, railway bearings, high precision bearings, bearing four large wind power products and then for the other bearing industry resources integration, and ultimately achieve the comprehensive development of Harbin bearing industry.

AVIC and principles as key construction projects in Harbin, in the process of building AVIC Kazakhstan axis, the two sides will be in accordance with the "overall planning, step by step," the starting point, high standard of planning, step by step construction of the bearing industry base. 2010 - 2011 years of infrastructure construction, is expected to complete before the end of the warm enclosed job aerospace bearing plant, construction of large bearings and precision bearings plant plant also strive to be completed before the end of the year, before the end of June 2011 to ensure normal production relocation under the premise to the new plant, and strive to year to achieve sales revenue of 300 million yuan; 2011 to 2015 for capacity building of complete aerospace, railway, precision, wind power bearing capacity-building, and strive to 2015, annual sales income 1.5 billion.

The new company short-term goal is the production of bearing products to the domestic first-class, international advanced level, to improve the localization rate of bearings to meet the development of China's aerospace industry needs; long-term goal is to achieve world-class bearing products, with high-end aerospace bearings production capacity . Through the complementary advantages, resource integration, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and to stimulate local economic development, at the same time meet the needs of the development of the aerospace industry, to create a large bearing industry base of international competitiveness. audemars piguet replica watches