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Hardware product concern analysis: Bearing rosy all the way

Release Date:2016-04-13 00:00:00

Bearings April concern analysis, tended to increase gradually the weather warming up, through the search for bearing industry bearing Qingdao Reid news network analysis, we can see the bearings (bearings and other types of) mill Mold Class products tended to increase.

Hardware product concern analysis: Bearing rosy all the way hardware products concern analysis we can see from the figure above, in the first week of April, the buyer searches for products bearing the highest, the top five were imported bearings , dies, tools, hardware tools, standard parts, bearings search accounted for 35% of the total amount of product search, and now the stage, the focus of attention into buyers of imported bearings, with iron and steel, automotive, appliance and other industries facing bearing related development new opportunities, and with the improvement of living standards, the development of the automotive industry led to the development of the automobile bearings, rigid demand for bearings in the constantly increasing, which is an important reason for bearing search volume increased. As search volume came in second place of the mold products, since the mold is an important basis for the equipment manufacturing industry, it is "unparalleled benefits amplifier." No high levels of mold, there is no high level of industrial products, industrial products are varied, subtle increase in demand for mold, industrial innovation is the development boosters mold industry, increasing demand for mold, even more shows that our efforts in product innovation rapidly. Hardware Tools ranked third in search volume, compared to March, attention fell slightly hardware tools, bearings Qingdao Reid believes that the bearing attention in April rose mainly in the following aspects:

1.This may be followed by March 1 hardware exhibition just after purchasing the climax eased slightly have a certain relationship. As standard metal products sub-products, from the past two years, water from the wind, the rapid development, because the automotive industry is the largest user demand accounted for 23.2% of total sales of fasteners

2 is the maintenance of industrial markets and construction industry, accounting for about 20% of total sales fastener; third is the electronics industry, accounting for 16.6% of total sales of fasteners. China's fastener industry with the auto industry and the development of the construction industry, is strongly driven by the fastener industry, although there are not many brand companies, but companies are fastener efforts, and promoted through a variety of ways to increase corporate propaganda, China's fastener industry has "projections" of the. However, these data are only temporarily in April, and in the end will be how the next month trend, please feel concerned about the latest news of our bearings Qingdao Reid bearing net to bring you.

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